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I’m suprised i can see all you ant people from way up here in my Ivory Tower.


with these ones we had to work on emotion and the sort, i think it turned out pretty well but i still need to work on expression through the poses, and because of the upload time, thats all for now, i will have the rest updated hopefully tommorow morning i stil have around 50 images to upload lol, 😛 night all!


after an awesome weekend, and one or two setbacks with my laptop and discs etc, (hardware dosn’t seem to like me at the moment) here is the long anticipated, by perhaps 2 of you, pictures lol

first off we have some life drawing, the kind with clothing on, we have focused on this a lot. It does get a bit repetative but it can be usefull getting used to the human form. especialy consdiering within animation it takes patience because you end up drawing the same thing over and over again lol. We then moved onto some drawings of movement, poses, quick sketches, all valuable excersizes to increase my drawing skills.


well, it’s been a bit hectic recently in my life. I was quite ill for about 2 weeks after reformatting my laptop, then my router died so i have had no internet for the past week, but i’m finally back on track. Apart from a few problems with my CD drive i think everything is back to normal 😀 and on that happy happy note, i have finally been able to get all my sketchbook work into digital form. I used a high quality camera my father has just purchased and taken high resolution pictures of everything iv’e done throughout my supporting studies unit at university.

Becaue as i said of my cd drive being a complete idiot, and my upload speed unbearably slow, ill put up a few now and the rest later on today when i get back from Uni

as you cana see from these i do spend a reasonable amount of time doing a bit of life drawing, getting used to drawing Humans standing infront of me. Iv’e done this quite a lot over the weeks with different poses, adding emotion and some other interesting excersizes i will upload a little bit later 🙂 for now theres a taster.


My News

hello once again, i’m sorry it’s taken a while to get my second post up but unfortunately i had problems with my laptop and had to end up reformatting the hard drive which has put me back a bit, considering iv’e lost all my files and programs. I’m gradualy building them back up again but as you can imagine it’s deleted one or two bits of animations i was working on >.>

I will get on with it and work on, and revive the projects i was working on.

We have started working on a new project that is due in in January in which we create a 1 minute long hand drawn animation with our own recorded sounds. The topic had to be based around a personal experience and my group has decided to work on an idea that revolves around a male character and how he falls in love with the new girl at school. We have already started brainstorming and should be coming up with a visual idea / basic storyboard i can post up here to show you all soon enough.


A few days ago i played a copy of Fable 2 for the xbox 360 (a game i intend to purchase when i obtain an xbox 360 myself :P) and i was stunned by the introduction video

it has an incredible narrative feel without using any words. The graphics are stunning and i love how the shots are framed, especialy the mood and tone of the shot at 0:50 and the shot after with the building top at 0:56 They create a cartoony medieval world that looks realistic, i wish there was a series on tv i could watch.

i also managed to get a copy of Death’s Head Volume 1 , a selection of some of the first comics the less well known Marvel Character was in, i had never heard of him but found a copy of this : CLICK HERE in waterstones sale for 99p! I couldn’t say no and bought it without hesitation, it’s absolutely fantastic, especialy the personality of the character and how he is written, it is well worth a read.

Fantastic, yes?

Fantastic, yes?

once again thanks for reading 😛 and until next time! zwoosh…


welcome to my blog, i’m going to use this page to dump all my animations, news, and random ranting free into the outside world, i’ll start by something i am working on

so far as you can see i only have a few seconds and i apologize about the quality, the final piece should be much better (and longer, don’t worry). I’m using flash to make it and it should be a animation set in a single room. I need to improve the walk cycle but i’m happy with the general mood so far.

Hopefully soon enough i will upload some of the other peices i am working on and the traditional animation i am working on as well, plus a few ideas i have for a new project we have started.

Another animation i have began working on is


it’s a lot more violent and slightly less mature but i m recreating one of my first animations ever which i will also link to in due course in an attempt to improve on a previous piece of work.

I am currently Studying Animation at university so there will be much more on it’s way.